Varsity Lakes Series Race 4


Sunday 2nd November is the Race No.4 of  The Varsity Lakes Series.

Sign-on will start from 7:00am & finish at 8:15am

Briefing will be 8:30am

Race will start at 9:00am

Distances  5km {2x (1×2.5km)} or 10km {2x (2×2.5km)}

This race is over a fixed course of 2.5km loops, all within the enclosed waters of the Varsity Lakes Waterways. Start and finish from a sandy beach area.

This race is a little different – this one’s for fun, the distance will be race in half’s (2 mini races). You will race twice at different times, get a time for each race & add them together for a total time. The idea is one group of craft (eg. Tk’s & Rec’s) will race their 1st mini race, hop off the water, then the other craft (eg. K’s & Ski’s) will race their 1st mini race, when finished, we’ll do it all again.

After this race will be the Presentation of the 2014 Paddlers Cup

Varsity Lakes Race 4 flyer

Varsity race map 4 with markers